My sport and activities


As a human it is already a part to find time for ourselves to enjoy and recreate a bit after each trials we overcome of our daily lives. Like everybody of course I do the same. Well to start with I love to collect things which maybe less interested to others like small creatures. It doesn't matter if it is a stone, a coin, a dry flower, small angel figures name it, everything. They really make me happy. I also find time to read books of interests like Science fiction of Alistair Mc Lean or watch quality movies of George Lucas and James Cameron. And if I find myself alone in my room, I would love to play and listen to the songs of The Carpenters and David Pomeranz.

Everybody might think that's all I can do. Well, I also have a different side of life where I make myself some extra activities. Like my husband I also engage to some kind of Sport like the following: